Concept rendering by MIG, Inc. from I-277 looking south 

North Tryon  is. . .

Where curiosity begins.
Knowledge is advanced.
Innovation lives.


North Tryon is an authentic neighborhood known for its diversity and energy, where curiosity begins and creativity thrives.


North Tryon is an intricate mosaic of world-class institutions, mixed-income housing, ground floor retail and restaurants, entertainment, recreation, parks and plazas stitched together with great streets, light rail and pedestrian connections.


North Tryon is a place where knowledge is advanced by entrepreneurs, artists, performers, students, residents and visitors who all interact in the carefully crafted, dynamic urban environment.


North Tryon is a reflection of the great minds, hearts and spirits of people who work, make, learn, live, play and engage in the area each and every day. It is where innovation lives.