Experts hatching ideas for North Tryon

In a world of iPhones and Androids, people still like to see other people make stuff. That's my technical description of some of the ideas being floated to overhaul Charlotte's North Tryon Street.

Among the experts and consultants gathered this week to work on the latest vision plan:Carrie Motamedi, a marketing executive atTechShopa growing California-based company that opens education and training centers aimed at spurring manufacturing, prototyping and providing everything from computers to woodcutting, welding and textiles equipment.

TechShop doesn't have a Charlotte location (yet), but areas such as North Tryon could be appealing. The larger point made by Motamedi and Carol Coletta, an executive at the Knight Foundation, is that livening up a neighborhood — in this case, one of the major streets in the center city — requires on-the-street energy. (Beware: Any discussion of vision plans and charettes must drag along plenty of jargon and lofty terminology. But, hopefully, this account can minimize such verbal agony.)