News Round-up for North Tryon Vision Plan Community Presentation

On Thursday November 19, the North Tryon Project Team hosted a Community Presentation of the draft North Tryon Vision Plan. The event, attended by over 200 community stakeholders, business leaders, and neighbors, was held at UNC-Charlotte Center City, overlooking the new First Ward Park. The Vision Plan was presented by Daniel Iacafano of MIG, Inc., the project consultants. 


Here is a round-up of some of the news articles from the event:


Vision for North Tryon: Smaller blocks, mix of uses, pedestrian corridors

(Charlotte Observer/Ely Portillo


Vision for North Tryon: Intensely urban, "extreme" mixed-use development

(Charlotte Business Journal/Will Boye)


North Tryon Vision Plan to bring "grit" to Uptown

(Fox 46/David Sentendrey)


Center City unveils vision for north corridor revitalization

(WCCB/Amy Cowman)


The Future of North Tryon looks bright

(Charlotte Agenda/Jason Thomas)


The Plan To Spur Development In Northern Uptown

(WFAE/Michael Tomsic)


Charlotte Center City Partners unveils plan to redevelop N. Tryon

(WSOC/Angela Hong)


A vision for a new North Tryon includes smaller blocks, pedestrian corridors

(Charlotte Five/staff)


Community members are encouraged to provide their feedback via the Participate page of the North Tryon website. Feedback will be incorporated into the final document.

Experts hatching ideas for North Tryon

In a world of iPhones and Androids, people still like to see other people make stuff. That's my technical description of some of the ideas being floated to overhaul Charlotte's North Tryon Street.

Among the experts and consultants gathered this week to work on the latest vision plan:Carrie Motamedi, a marketing executive atTechShopa growing California-based company that opens education and training centers aimed at spurring manufacturing, prototyping and providing everything from computers to woodcutting, welding and textiles equipment.

TechShop doesn't have a Charlotte location (yet), but areas such as North Tryon could be appealing. The larger point made by Motamedi and Carol Coletta, an executive at the Knight Foundation, is that livening up a neighborhood — in this case, one of the major streets in the center city — requires on-the-street energy. (Beware: Any discussion of vision plans and charettes must drag along plenty of jargon and lofty terminology. But, hopefully, this account can minimize such verbal agony.)


National Urban Space Experts in Charlotte for North Tryon Vision Plan Work

A team of nationally renowned thought leaders will visit Charlotte this week to provide expertise and participate in an intensive design process for the North Tryon Vision Plan, the effort to reenergize the North Tryon corridor in uptown Charlotte. The team brings extensive expertise in urban design, shared spaces, cultural programming and social issues.

Thought leaders will include: (see attached for bios)

During their three-day visit, the steering committee for the North Tryon Vision Plan, its project consultant team, MIG Inc. + Snøhetta and this panel of experts will conduct workshops and interactive dialogue with invited N. Tryon stakeholders and community leaders.  They hope to share expertise and gather feedback on urban and public realm themes, such as real estate development, public art, social service issues and cultural programming.  They will also tour sites within the corridor, and participate in an extensive design charrette process for the vision plan.

The primary goal of the vision plan is to re-energize the North Tryon area of Uptown, capitalizing on existing amenities and organizations to leverage an innovative, proactive and coordinated development strategy. The plan will address the area’s urban design and infrastructure needs and formulate ideas and strategies to create a shared vision that will catalyze development and bring new life to the area.


Twenty-one organizations from the public, private, education and non-profit sectors have signed on as investors for the plan. Each organization has a vested interest in seeing renewed energy and excitement in the North Tryon street corridor.


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